Total solutions.

You might have a whole host of ideas for your interior. Our experienced design consultants listen carefully to your wishes and needs, and happily familiarise you with the huge selection in our showrooms. We like to present customised solutions, in collaboration with our partners. Whether it involves a new build or renovation project; a kitchen, bathroom, terrace, frontage or your entire interior…

RG Tegel without a doubt has a solution for you!

Fitting and maintenance.

A good tile will last you for life, or even longer. Our floor and wall tiles are of the very best quality, meaning they last for generations. Flawless fitting and proper information on maintenance is essential for this. 

At RG Tegel, we work not only with the best tile fitters on the market, but we are also tell you the very best ways to maintain your floors and walls. That’s why we only have first-rate maintenance products.

Repeat delivery and after-service.

Your tiles deserve the best care, which is why we offer a good after-service and repeat delivery. Since RG Tegel is able to deliver almost any tile from stock, with us you never have to wait weeks for your selection.

Our team furthermore provides efficient and extremely prompt delivery of tiles to your site. Repeat orders are no problem, and we of course follow up on your project.