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(New) Kronos – Le Reverse

LE REVERSE – STONE PROJECT Reverse comes from a deep desire to study the natural elements and brings to light the twofold essence of stone. Its ancestral appearance, ancient and eroded by the passage of time, is interpreted through the Antique surface, while its more intimate and hidden side, only exposed when […]

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(New) Mirage – Blue.s

Blue.s A modern interpretation of Pierre Bleue: outstanding technical characteristics, counts 30 different digital prints, a vast range of formats and finishes and an extraordinary aesthetic result in which each single part of the design is painstakingly studied, representing the real added value of the collection.   ?

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Ceramic Aged Wood Effect

Vallelunga & Co. silo wood by RG Tegel   Silo is the expression of porcelain stoneware with aged wood effect, made unique by the signs of aging. The collection fits with any type of style, thanks to a range composed by 6 different shades, enriched by a soft and light […]

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Exclusive @ RG Tegel

A brand new way of thinking about ceramics RG Tegel exclusive dealer… We are absolutely passionate about our challenge: to look at ceramics in a new way approaching products by considering them no longer tiles but or a part of a coordinated project that combines design with art and architecture […]

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